How To Plan Your Office Cleanout

Offices are usually buzzing hubs of activity. But over time, clutter and outdated materials can accumulate, creating distractions, safety hazards, and even lowering productivity. If the thought of tackling this feels daunting, fear not! Here’s a guide to help you plan, execute, and enjoy the results of a comprehensive office cleanout.

Why Conduct Regular Office Cleanouts?

A thorough office cleanout can work wonders! It can improve employee morale, safety, and the overall energy of your workplace. 

Enhanced Productivity

Cluttered workspaces are a major source of distraction. Excess paperwork, outdated tech, and stacks of boxes hinder focus, slowing down even simple tasks. 

A cleanout reduces visual noise and mental overload, allowing individuals to find what they need quickly and direct their energy towards core work activities.

Improved Safety

Stacks of old documents, unused equipment, and trailing wires are serious safety hazards. Office cleanouts eliminate potential tripping hazards, fire hazards, and reduce the risk of cluttered aisles blocking emergency exits. 

A clear, well-maintained office makes it easier for workers to navigate their space with confidence.

Positive Image

Your office is often the first thing clients, partners, or potential hires see. A tidy and well-organized workspace sends a message of professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail. 

Conversely, a cluttered office can subconsciously create a negative impression. An office cleanout projects an image of a business that values organization and cares about its environment.

Employee Morale

People are naturally happier and healthier in clean, unburdened spaces. Getting rid of clutter can reduce feelings of stress, and instill a sense of control within the workspace. An organized, comfortable environment fosters satisfaction and can even improve collaboration. A cleanout is a gesture that shows you care about the well-being of your team.

Plan Your Workspace Layout

Before tackling the physical work of decluttering, think strategically about your space:


Where do people move frequently to retrieve supplies, access shared resources, or collaborate with colleagues? Consider how removing clutter could streamline these movements and optimize efficiency.


Would it make sense to group work areas by the type of tasks performed? 

For example, keeping loud printers away from quiet individual workspaces. A cleanout gives you a chance to optimize based on your specific business needs.


Are there small changes that could make the office more comfortable? Dedicating a corner for quick breaks or ensuring natural light reaches as many workspaces as possible can improve employee well-being. Factor this into your post-cleanout layout.

Create A Cleaning Schedule

It’s time to set some things in stone and get ready for your big cleanout!

Set a Date

Choose a time that minimizes disruption. Weekends, holidays, or slower business periods are often optimal. Inform your team well in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Involve Staff

If employees are helping, clearly explain the plan and what they’ll be responsible for. If they’re not involved, ensure they know when to expect the office cleanup to be completed and any temporary relocation of their work area.

Create a Checklist

Break the office down into zones (desks, filing cabinets, supply room, etc.). Detail what needs to be cleared, cleaned, or reorganized in each. Checklists ensure nothing gets overlooked!

Sort and Organize

Decluttering is the most satisfying part of a cleanout! Be methodical:

  • Keep: Essential items in current use or recently used files that may be active.
  • Trash: Broken furniture, unusable electronics, damaged, or outdated paperwork. Follow regulations for shredding confidential documents.
  • Donate: Items in good condition that could benefit others (check if local charities accept specific office supplies).
  • Recycle: Paper, plastic, outdated tech (ensure proper electronics recycling procedures are followed).

Office cleanouts may seem overwhelming, but with planning and the right assistance, they can be transformative. By following these steps, you’ll create a workspace that fosters focus, efficiency, and success.

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