Full Service Demolition and Removal

Are you in need of demolition services in Henderson, TX? If so, consider East Texas Junk Removal for your project needs. Our licensed and professional team has the knowledge and experience to complete your residential demo or junk removal project in a timely manner. Our expert team has the proper equipment, permits, and know-how necessary to remove debris and junk from residential properties in Henderson, TX.

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Small-Scale Demolition

East Texas Junk Removal offers residential demolition services, including assistance with small-scale demolition projects such as home renovations, additions, and extensions. Let our experts handle the demolition and cleanup if you’re planning to renovate your home but don’t know where to begin with the process, so you can start your remodeling project with a clean slate.

East Texas Junk Removal

We provide junk removal in Henderson, TX, and surrounding East Texas communities. Our expertise and experience allow us to tackle any residential junk removal job in an efficient and timely manner. Some of the services our customers may order include the following junk removal jobs:

  • debris removal from a storm, water, or other damage
  • furniture removal
  • garage and attic cleanouts
  • home office cleanouts
  • yard debris removal
  • regular household cleanouts
  • just junk in general

For any home project you are considering that may require junk or debris removal, get it started sooner by hiring a professional to haul off your junk for you.

Mobile Homes

Many of our customers in Henderson, TX, have unwanted mobile homes that are no longer being used or occupied on their property. Other customers have outgrown their existing mobile homes and want to rebuild or replace their mobile homes. Whatever your situation, our team of expert demolitionists can demo and remove your existing mobile home structure at a fraction of the time and cost you would incur to do it alone. We have the knowledge, permits, and equipment necessary to complete the job efficiently.


When your shed becomes outdated or doesn’t suit your needs anymore, and you’re considering having it removed, East Texas Junk Removal has extensive experience in removing sheds from residential properties. We can demo and clear out your shed, freeing up space in your yard whether you want to replace your shed or use the real estate for something else.


Our experience in removing trailers from residential properties in Henderson, TX, is extensive. We demo and remove trailers, travel trailers, playhouses, and similar structures in no time. We can assist you in your trailer demolition project and cleanup after that to help you achieve your project goals.

Homes and Small Structures

The qualified and professional team at East Texas Junk Removal can take down residential homes and small structures. We offer the demolition of small structures, including barns, greenhouses, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, animal housing, and other things found on residential properties. We have the tools, expertise, and permits to remove debris and unwanted structures from your property efficiently and thoroughly.

We would like the opportunity to provide you with demolition services in Henderson, TX. Contact East Texas Junk Removal for a free quote today.

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