Full Service Demolition and Removal

East Texas Junk Removal provides residential demolition services in Longview, TX, and surrounding areas. Our services include a range of demolition and junk removal jobs ranging from regular household junk removal to demolition and debris removal. By hiring a demo service, you don’t need to worry about excavation, power lines, plumbing systems, or the snowballing costs of all these considerations. Our customers say it best in the great reviews we receive.

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Small-Scale Demolition

As a part of our residential demolition services, we provide help with small-scale demolition for projects like home remodeling, extensions, and restorations. East Texas Junk Removal can assist you with the demo and cleanup if you’re ready to begin your home renovation project but don’t know how to get started on the demolition of your space. Our assistance will allow you to start your home remodeling project with a blank canvas.

East Texas Junk Removal

One of our most popular services in Longview, TX, and other surrounding East Texas towns is home junk removal. Unwanted junk can put a damper on a household, especially if it has been piling up for some time. Our professional team can remove your junk and get it out of your home quickly and efficiently. We value our customers and their property and take measures to ensure the care of our customers’ homes as if they were our own.

Mobile Homes

Safety is a big concern for East Texas Junk Removal, and we have the right equipment for the job. We can demo and remove mobile homes from properties and have the proper permits to do so in Longview, TX. Whether you want to demo all or part of a mobile home on your property, we are confident that you will be happy with our work. We can take the stress off homeowners when it comes to residential jobs.


Many of our customers in Longview, TX, ask us to remove sheds from their residential properties. We have experience in this type of demo job and can provide references for past jobs completed. Our customers appreciate the timely and comprehensive way in which we carry out our services. We are confident you will also find our services professional and of high quality if you allow us the opportunity to provide shed removal services on your property.


Many property owners attempt to remove trailers or other existing structures from their land and realize it’s too big of a job. The trained and experienced professionals at East Texas Junk Removal can easily remove trailers from residential properties. When you need a trailer removed, our licensed and knowledgeable team provides trailer demolition services in Longview, TX.

Homes and Small Structures

When you need a house or small structure such as a barn or treehouse removed from your property, demo and removal can be completed by East Texas Junk Removal much faster than is possible without professional services. We also have the necessary permits and equipment to see the job through without the risk of potential mishaps.

Request a free quote online from East Texas Junk Removal if you’re in the market for junk removal or demolition services in Longview, TX, and get started with your home demo or junk-free project today.

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