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Homeowners looking for residential junk removal and/or demolition services in Gladewater, TX, will find that East Texas Junk Removal can handle it all. We are professional, licensed, knowledgeable, and courteous—everything a reputable company should be. When you read our acclaimed customer reviews from all over East Texas, you’ll quickly see why our services are so often sought after.

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Small-Scale Demolition

You probably know how challenging demo and cleanup can be if you’re the type of homeowner who likes to tackle DIY projects to update your home. East Texas Junk Removal can take care of the dirty work for you. We have the necessary equipment to handle your residential demolition needs, leaving you with a lot less stress. Trust us to handle your small-scale demolition needs and save the hassle.

East Texas Junk Removal

East Texas Junk Removal offers both affordable junk removal services and residential demolition services in Gladewater, TX. We specialize in home junk removal projects and are dedicated to helping you clear out the spaces in and around your home. From garages and attics to basements and bedrooms, we are experienced, equipped, and ready to remove your junk and dispose of it efficiently and quickly.

Mobile Homes

Our team of professionals at East Texas Junk Removal is equipped to handle the complete removal of rundown or unwanted mobile homes on your property. Whether you’re looking to rebuild or simply get rid of an unwanted structure, we offer demolition services that include the tear-down and removal of mobile homes. We won’t just demo it, though; we will carefully break down the mobile home with caution, paying careful attention to existing electrical, plumbing, and water line systems so that rebuilding is possible.


East Texas Junk Removal is the perfect business to remove that old shed you have out back that you just don’t want to look at anymore. We can tear the shed down and haul off the unwanted debris. Now is a great time to get that project done. Our customers who employ our shed removal services end up very happy with our work, as you can read in our customer reviews.


East Texas Junk Removal can remove a trailer that is parked on your property but is inoperable, no longer moves or is no longer in use in no time. We can quickly and effortlessly tear down and haul up trailers from your home before anyone can notice. It’s possible they may not even remember it was there.

Home and Small Structures

East Texas Junk Removal can demo homes as well as small structures such as barns, outdoor stonework, patios, and other structures. We also demo and remove concrete, which can be one of the most difficult materials to take out for nonprofessionals. However, our pros have the equipment and knowledge to remove hard-to-dislodge items, so you can start over with a clean slate or a blank canvas.

East Texas Junk Removal can help if you’re thinking of getting rid of a structure on your property, remodeling a portion of your home, or just want to declutter your garage. Request a free quote on our website or give us a call and see just how affordable our demolition services are in Gladewater, TX.

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