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Researching demolition in East Texas can be overwhelming, as there are many factors to consider when planning a demolition project. Safety concerns, permits, excavation, electrical systems, water lines, plumbing, and costs are just a few things that need to be taken into account. East Texas Junk Removal offers professional demolition services in Kilgore, TX. Our experienced and professional team is knowledgeable in the above considerations. Our East Texas customer reviews say it all—East Texas Junk Removal is the best when it comes to residential junk removal and demolition services.

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Small-Scale Demolition

Whether one space or the entire house, if you’re thinking about remodeling your home, contact the professional team at East Texas Junk Removal for demolition services before starting your renovation project. We have the proper equipment and manpower to handle the hard work of demolition and cleanup for your next home design project. This way, once our job is complete, you can begin your home renovation without the hassle and mess of demolition and cleanup.

East Texas Junk Removal

Customer service is a top priority for our business, and this is reflected in our positive customer reviews. With our familiarity with Kilgore, TX, and the greater East Texas area, we are always happy to assist quickly with any junk removal needs you may have, in addition to the demolition services we offer.

Mobile Homes

East Texas Junk Removal’s team of professionals is fully equipped to handle the comprehensive removal of unwanted mobile homes from your property. Whether you’re looking to rebuild or simply get rid of an unwanted structure, our demolition services include tearing down and cautious removal of materials to maintain rebuilding options and ensure safety on your property.


Whether you’re looking to remove an outdated or rundown shed from your property, East Texas Junk Removal has extensive experience in removing sheds from residential properties. No matter the age, style, or size of the shed, we can demo it. We have the know-how and the equipment to even remove sheds that are falling apart and dangerous to get to. Our licensed demolitionists can efficiently demo and clear out your shed, freeing up space in your yard for a new shed or other use.


East Texas Junk Removal can quickly and easily remove mobile items, such as trailers, from your property in Kilgore, TX. We can efficiently dismantle and haul it away, leaving little trace. Gain the space back that is being taken up by that old trailer, and let us haul it off and out of your way for good.

Homes and Small Structures

East Texas Junk Removal offers services in East Texas for small-scale residential demolition projects. This includes junk removal but also structure demos, including mobile homes, sheds, trailers, houses, and even concrete, as well as other small structures such as compost boxes and outdoor workshops, and garden rooms.

Let East Texas Junk Removal work for you if you need demolition services in Kilgore, TX. Contact us today for additional information and a free quote.

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