Full Service Junk Removal

It’s easy to amass a collection of junk that has gotten out of hand – you’ve meant to do something about it, but never got around to it and now it’s an overwhelming task. Whether the mess is yours or one you’ve inherited, ETX Junk Removal in Kilgore, TX can reduce the mess with little more than a phone call or email to get started with a free quote.

Our competent and efficient team can reduce your stress surrounding the junk you’ve collected and get you back to a decluttered home and mind. We’ll accomplish your junk removal needs and then leave without a trace.

kilgore tx junk pickup

Whole House Clean Out

Your home should be your sanctuary. It’s difficult to fully relax when you are looking at and agonizing over piles of junk and old, nonworking appliances that are taking up your space. Our team members can quickly come into your home and remove the junk that is lowering your comfort in your home. You will not need to spare the junk another thought after hiring us; we will donate what we can and dispose of the rest.

Debris and Demolition Haul Away

Worksite waste such as wood, plaster, or bricks can quickly clutter up an area to the extent that the quality and quantity of work produced is hindered. The easiest way to prevent this is to keep the worksite debris free, but you and your staff already have enough work to do. Enter the Kilgore team: we can quickly haul away debris taking up your valuable workspace so you can return to your job in a safer environment.

Appliance and Furniture Removal

You bought a shiny, new appliance or piece of furniture and finally have it unwrapped in your home. However, you’ve now realized you do not have a plan for the outdated piece you’re replacing. Instead of tossing it in your yard and forgetting about it, give us a call. We have the manpower, equipment, and vehicle needed to remove the old appliance, so you only need to focus on the joy of the new appliance.

Hauling Junk Away for Property Managers

Being responsible for preparing a property for new tenants can be a large and stressful job, especially if the outgoing tenants left junk and other items in the home or on the property. We can help with this part of the process: our efficient team can haul away the junk and leave you with a property much closer to being new-tenant ready. This lets you focus on other parts of the process so you can get everything completed faster, and move in your new tenants.

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We offer free, obligation-free consultations so you understand what we’re able to do for you along with our corresponding rates. We have a history of providing excellent customer service to the Kilgore area and we appreciate any chance to share our skills. Call us today so we can remove the junk out of sight and out of mind.

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