Full Service Demolition and Removal

East Texas Junk Removal provides a range of demolition services to residents of Nacogdoches, TX, and the surrounding areas of East Texas. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you start or finish your residential project quickly. We specialize in both junk removal and demolition services and have a strong commitment to our customers to ensure the job is done correctly. Our professionals are trained and licensed and have the expertise and knowledge required to deliver the highest-quality demolition services in Nacogdoches, TX.

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Small-Scale Demolition

The best plan for a future kitchen or bathroom remodeling project is to hire professionals to handle the demo and debris cleanup. East Texas Junk Removal’s demolition services include the hauling away of the debris that is a direct result of the demolition. The task of demolition can be enough to break the bank and demotivate many DIY homeowners. However, if you let us do the demo and clean up, you will save money and have a fresh start to begin remodeling your home.

East Texas Junk Removal

In addition to providing demolition services, East Texas Junk Removal offers junk removal in Nacogdoches, TX, and the surrounding East Texas area. Our customers are impressed with our ability to clear out their unwanted items quickly and efficiently, as you can read in our customer reviews. The following includes some of the most requested items our customers ask us to remove:

  • exercise equipment
  • furniture
  • mattresses
  • electronics
  • appliances
  • swing sets, playgrounds, sandboxes
  • planters
  • swimming pools

We are well-equipped to handle any debris or household junk our Nacogdoches, TX, customers need to have removed promptly.

Mobile Homes

At East Texas Junk Removal, our team of experts is fully equipped to handle the complete removal of unwanted mobile homes from residential properties. Whether you’re planning to rebuild or simply get rid of an unwanted structure, we provide demolition services that include the tear-down and removal of mobile homes. We will also deconstruct the mobile home with caution, paying close attention to existing electrical and plumbing systems to ensure rebuilding is possible.


East Texas Junk Removal has the know-how to remove unsightly, unwanted sheds you’re your residential property. We are a great option if you are considering the removal or replacement of your garden or tool shed. We can provide professional and efficient demolition and debris removal services. We know you’ll be impressed with the level of quality and affordability we offer.


East Texas Junk Removal offers tear-down and debris removal for trailers located on residential properties in Nacogdoches, TX. Many of our customers request the removal of old trailers that have been sitting for too long and taking up valuable real estate in their yards. If this sounds familiar, you may need to have your trailer removed, also.

Homes and Small Structures

Our services include the demolition and removal of structures such as barns, storage shelters, self-standing garages, and other unwanted structures on your residential property. In addition, we provide regular household junk removal at a reasonable cost. Our team can effectively demo and remove any residential structure, debris, and junk, leaving you with empty space to rebuild or spread out.

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