Full Service Junk Pickup and Removal

If you are tired of looking at a pile of junk, but are unsure how to handle the problem yourself, you can trust in our team at East Texas Junk Removal in Whitehouse, Texas to handle the job for you. Whether you are looking to get an old sofa out of the way or need an entire construction site cleared out, there is no task too big or small for us.

After accepting our free quote, we will come to the site of the job, working ceaselessly until the task is completed. We will leave you with a clear space, free of mess or debris. With us, you do not have to worry about a trail being left behind — it will be like we were never even there.

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Full House Clean-Outs

In the event of a foreclosure or simply a big move, there is not always time to get everything out of the house. In many cases, some of your things may not be worth the effort of removing them from the house. If you are looking to clear out a house, apartment, or office space of any large furniture, clothing, appliances, or other items, you can count on us take care of anything you leave behind. We will be careful to remove everything from the house, recycling and donating as much as we can before disposing of the rest.

Debris and Demolition Haul-Off

Efficient work often starts in a clean and comfortable work environment. Whether you are looking to clear away the debris from a construction site or needing help with the removal of material such as wood, bricks, and plaster after a demolition, you can count on our Whitehouse team to clear out a space for you quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to work.

Appliance and Furniture Clear Outs

Removing furniture and appliances from your home is no easy task. This job cannot be performed by a single person and often requires a group of people. Even with helpers, there is a chance someone will get hurt. This is why you should leave the heavy lifting to us. If you need a couch or heavy oven removed from your house, count on us to make it as smooth as possible so you can enjoy your living space more.

Removal of Junk for Property Managers

With so many tasks on your plate, the last thing you should have to worry about is taking care of the junk left behind by old tenants. Instead, leave this task to us. We will come into your property and remove any material leftover by tenants so you can quickly get new tenants into your property without delay.

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Our team has a track record of providing efficient service to all our clients in the Whitehouse, Texas area. We are here to help you with any of your junk removal tasks and are willing to give you the fairest prices. Don’t wait for junk to accumulate any further. Take care of the problem today, and let it be one of the best decisions you have made. To schedule an East Texas junk pickup, give us a call today.

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