Full Service Demolition and Removal

Those that are new to the world of demolition in East Texas might be surprised to learn that it involves more than what you see on television. Safety is a major concern, and requirements such as obtaining permits must be met. Additionally, there are many other factors to consider such as excavation, electrical systems, water lines, plumbing, and so on. Finally, the cost is also a major consideration. East Texas Junk Removal can help you navigate all these complexities with our demolition services in Carthage, TX. Our team values your time and will work efficiently to get the job done completely.

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Small-Scale Demolition

Many of our customers remodel their homes one room at a time, which is an affordable and practical way to renovate a home. Before they start a project, though, they call the professional and experienced team at East Texas Junk Removal to demo and clean up their project room. That way, when our job is done, they can get started on their home renovation project without the mess and stress of demo and debris.

East Texas Junk Removal

Customer service is one of our business’s main objectives, and this is evident in our customer reviews. We come highly recommended by our client base in Carthage, TX, for our junk removal services. We are familiar with the East Texas area and are always happy and quick to help those in need of our junk removal services.

Mobile Homes

Unwanted mobile homes on your property can be an eyesore, especially if they haven’t been occupied lately. Getting rid of these structures can be a chore that is too big for most people to tackle. Many people in this situation just don’t know where to start, but if you start by calling East Texas Junk Removal, that mobile home will be gone in no time.


Sheds are useful structures, but when they start to deteriorate, they can be unsightly and dangerous. If you have a garden shed or tool shed on your property that you’re ready to have removed, let the professionals at East Texas Junk Removal tear down and remove it from your property in a timely and efficient manner.


Trailers are oftentimes parked on someone’s property and for one reason or another, they are never moved again. Whether the reason it hasn’t moved is due to a bad taillight, a flat tire, or the absence of a proper tag, East Texas Junk Removal can haul it off and get it out of your hair.

Homes and Small Structures

East Texas Junk Removal provides small-scale demolition services in Carthage, TX. We can demo and remove your residential structure, debris, and junk as if it was never there. Small-scale projects such as demolishing and removing sheds, trailers, swimming pools, barns, and even houses are common services we provide. We also offer regular household junk removal in East Texas at an affordable rate.

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