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Tips for Working with Junk Removal After Water Damage

Winter in Texas is upon us. While we can all look forward to saying goodbye to the heat, ‘tis almost the season for frozen pipes, bursts, and unfortunate water damage.

After a freeze that results in devastating water damage, the last thing you want to do is sort through your own damaged goods and find a place to hand them off.

At East Texas Junk Removal, we help the citizens of Longview, Texas, clear out their homes with our premier residential junk removal services.

Whether you need to get rid of excess items or have to sort through the wreckage of damaged goods, our team of professionals is ready to help you assess the damage and determine what materials have been impacted and will need to be removed. 

If disaster strikes and you need help, here are some tips for assessing the damage and working successfully with a junk removal team.

Assess the Damage

Before calling for help, walk through all affected areas and look for any wet, moldy items or showing signs of water damage. Make a list of furniture, carpeting, drywall, flooring, personal belongings, and anything else that has been damaged. Anything that is soaked or growing mold will most likely need to be discarded.

If massive areas of your home are damaged, East Texas Junk Removal also offers demolition services that can help you clear out and start fresh in no time at all.

Contacting Your Insurance Provider 

Even before calling us, it’s necessary to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after discovering water damage. Most insurance policies cover some costs associated with water damage and removal of damaged materials. 

An insurance adjuster may need to visit your property to evaluate the damage before approving any claims. Provide your insurance company with a detailed list of all damaged and lost items, along with photographs documenting the damage if possible. 

Find out from your insurance what they will cover so you know what removal and restoration costs you will be responsible for.

Choosing a Junk Removal Service

Once you’ve documented all damaged materials that require disposal, it’s time to choose a reputable Longview junk removal company to handle the debris removal. Look for an established company with excellent reviews. Make sure they have experience with water damage cleanup and can provide references from past water damage clients. Licensed and insured companies should be prioritized.

Preparing for Junk Removal 

After selecting your junk removal provider, you need to prepare your property for safe and efficient debris removal. 

Clearing Access and Pathways

Junk haulers will need clear access to all damaged materials destined for disposal. 

As with situations where we help hoarders, we ask that you move any furnishings or valuables out of the affected rooms. 

This means debris can be easily accessed and a hauling pathway created. 

Make sure stairways are clear for water-damaged items being removed from upper levels. Our team can then efficiently carry damaged goods downstairs and out without obstruction.

Safety Considerations

Advise junk removal staff of any pre-existing structural damage or unstable floors resulting from the water incident. 

Damaged surfaces may need to be shored up and reinforced for safe working conditions. All remaining flooring should be swept clean and dry with no slipping hazards present. Address any exposed nails, broken glass, or protruding fixtures.

Providing Directions 

Giving a directional overview makes the process go much smoother. Walk junk removal staff through your property at the start of the job and indicate which items need to go. Point out any valuables that should be avoided or handled gently if adjacent to water-damaged goods slated for removal. Direct workers through the appropriate exits and routes as they carry items out to the truck.

During the Junk Hauling Process

The junk removal process requires teamwork between you and the removal professionals. 

During this time, we can help you put your emotions about junk removal to the side, and ensure you have a clear home by following these tips for smooth debris removal.

Stay Onsite

It’s best if you remain onsite while junk removal is in process in case any questions or issues arise. Workers may need clarification on what to take or how to handle certain items. 

You don’t want precious possessions accidentally hauled away. Provide any special instructions on how certain goods should be dismantled, moved, or lifted.

Check Items Off Your List

As junk haulers remove specified materials, walk through and visually confirm that the items you marked for removal are being removed. Check them off your inventory list so you know what has been removed versus what remains. Doing a final walk-through at the end ensures your list matches the reality of the situation and you are satisfied with your junk removal process.

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