How Junk Removal Services Can Clear Out the Perils of Hoarding

Hoarding is a habit that’s easy to fall into. Whether you can’t bear to say goodbye to little keepsakes or old age has led to a collection of impulse buys, it doesn’t take long for a comfortable home to become a hazardous living space.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the mess, de-cluttering is the best way to take action. De-cluttering your home and getting rid of old, broken, or unnecessary items is liberating. But once you’ve created those piles of junk, how do you eliminate it all? Renting a truck and hauling it off yourself isn’t ideal. Junk removal services are a convenient and affordable way to haul away your hoard of unwanted items.

Let’s take a look at the perils of clutter can impact your well-being and how junk removal services can help someone trying to kick the hoarding habit or dealing with an inherited mess from a distant relative.

Respiratory Problems

 Dust mites, mold, and other allergens thrive in the stacks of clutter found in a hoarder’s home. This poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory issues like asthma attacks, chronic coughs, and upper respiratory infections. 

Risk of Injury 

Hoarding causes tripping hazards as the floors are covered in piles and piles are used to create pathways throughout the home.

In these situations, individuals can easily fall and injure themselves on unstable stacks. The excessive clutter also makes it hard for emergency responders to reach those needing medical attention, further increasing the dangers of hoarding as medical emergencies are something one never plans for.

Fire Hazards 

The large amounts of combustible goods stored in a hoarder’s residence pose a serious fire risk. Blocked exits and cluttered hallways can prevent quick escape in case of a fire. Hoarding itself increases the fuel load in a fire and impedes firefighter response.

Poor Hygiene

Even if you aren’t dealing with rotting food or animal waste, general lack of cleaning in a hoarded home creates unsanitary conditions. Extreme hoarding raises the risk of contracting diseases, infections, and skin conditions. 

Mental Distress

Hoarding takes a psychological toll and is linked to increased anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. The social isolation and family conflict resulting from hoarding can further worsen mental health. While cleaning out the clutter won’t automatically clear the mental air, it will give you the room to start taking control of healing your emotions and relationships.

How Can East Texas Junk Removal Help?

Getting help by working with decluttering specialists like East Texas Junk Removal can help hoarders reduce clutter and make their homes safer. 

Even if your hoarding has gotten out of hand, you can rest assured in knowing that we approach every situation with respect, kindness, and affirmative action.

Let us give you the physical support you need to take control of your possessions before your possessions ultimately control you.

Make Your Property a Cleaner Place With East Texas Junk Removal

Whether you’re trying to clear out the clutter from a residential or commercial property, DIY junk removal can be a messy, complicated process that usually ends with the mess still intact on other parts of your property.

Hiring a team like East Texas Junk Removal to clear out your home or office will leave you feeling comfortable and having plenty of space to stretch your legs.

We can even answer any questions you may have beforehand about what we can and can’t haul off. 

Be sure to ask for details about our process so there are no surprises when we arrive to remove your junk. With our reputable service on your side, you’ll have peace of mind that your trash is being disposed of legally and responsibly. Whatever we can’t take, we can guide you toward proper disposal.

Schedule your junk removal services today, or contact us to learn more about our services.