old attic full of clutter

How to Organize Your Attic and Get Rid of Junk

The attic is often the forgotten space in many homes. As a result, attics tend to fill up with boxes of old belongings, outgrown clothes and toys, and other items that don’t have a proper place in the rest of the home. Over time, attics can become disorganized and cluttered spaces full of junk. 

Getting your attic organized and decluttered may seem daunting, but it can be accomplished by following some simple steps. You can transform your attic into a clean storage space with a plan and a little effort and help from a local junk removal services team.

Sort Through Existing Items  

The first step in organizing your attic is to go through everything currently being stored up there. Take some time on a weekend to start sorting and decluttering. Go through each box, bin, or storage container in your attic and determine if the contents need to be kept or should be discarded or donated.

Be ruthlessly honest about what can be removed from your attic. Get rid of any items that are broken, unused, or simply no longer needed. Clothes that don’t fit, old toys the kids have outgrown, electronics that no longer work, and other unnecessary things that make your attic seem like a hoarding space can likely be eliminated. 

Anything you come across that should be kept can be set aside in a “keep” pile as you work through the space.

Use Containers to Organize Items

Once you’ve sorted through everything and removed any clutter and junk, you can now work on better organizing the items you need to keep in the attic. Use storage containers, bins, and organizers to neatly store items and make the space more orderly.

Plastic bins are great for packing away seasonal items like holiday decorations. Clear plastic bins allow you to identify contents easily. Sturdy cardboard boxes can house items like old files and paperwork. Storage containers with lids can corral overflowing collections like kids’ artwork, extra linens and towels, or old toys and games.

Label all containers clearly so you can quickly identify where things belong when it’s time to change over seasonal items or find something you need. An organized attic with well-labeled storage bins will make it easy to find things when needed.

Add Shelving and Racks for Storage

After deciding if items are junk or not, it’s time to look into permanent organization and storage.

Installing permanent storage solutions is also a great way to organize your attic. Sturdy shelving units and racks allow you to neatly store and display items you access more frequently or want to keep visible.

Standing metal shelving units can provide vertical storage space along attic walls and corners. You can also mount wire shelving racks directly to rafters to take advantage of overhead storage. Use them for things like luggage, sports equipment, holiday decorations, or other bulky items.

Install slanted shelves and racks for attic areas with angled walls and ceilings. This allows you to maximize storage in those tight, sloped spaces. Adding compact shelving and racks custom fit for your attic’s unique configuration gives you extra organized storage.

Remove Junk and Hire Junk Removal as Needed 

Even after sorting, purging, and organizing your attic space, you may still find you need to dispose of a good amount of clutter and junk. Rather than lugging loads of trash to the dump yourself, consider hiring a junk removal service to clear out any remaining clutter safely.

Our junk removal company will send a truck team to your home to remove and dispose of any materials you no longer want taking up space. Our professional haul-away service allows for fast junk and clutter removal. This means there is no need to make multiple trips to the landfill yourself.

We have the manpower and trucks to clear out even the biggest attic clutter efficiently. Trust us to remove and dispose of any construction debris, old furniture, appliances, boxes of discarded papers and files, and anything else you want gone from your now organized attic space.

Maintain the Organization  

Continue to purge items you no longer need. Donate or sell usable stuff taking up room. Transfer off-season bins as needed. Keep shelves and racks tidy.  Add new containers and storage furniture as more things accumulate.

Staying on top of maintaining your organized attic system will keep the space neat. You’ll always know right where to find things when needed. And you’ll prevent the attic from ever turning back into a disorganized mess.

Clear Out Your Attic with East Texas Junk Removal

Getting your attic in shape with these organizing tips takes effort but is worth it. You’ll gain clean storage space and easy access to the belongings you need to keep. 

An organized attic brings peace of mind, knowing exactly what you have stored and where to find it. At East Texas Junk Removal, we help Henderson, Texas, residents achieve their desired level of cleanliness without the risk involved with DIY junk removal.

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